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I stepped away from blogging awhile ago– because life happened. And while I missed my community of blogging friends, I wasn’t exactly sorry that life had intervened.

Positive things started happening the moment I decided to limit my time on the computer.  Things that needed to happen and other things that needed to be done.

…and they happened

…and they got done

March 2013 to Sept 2013 -90lbs

March 2013 to Sept 2013 -90lbs

While I read many of the grumblings of friends as 2013 came to a close–about how they couldn’t wait for 2013 to end and 2014 to begin, I could seriously look back upon the year with a smile on my face. I reached some goals. I tried new things.  I lived life and I embraced it.

Marching forward into 2014…I am still doing very much of the same.  I’ve set new goals, I still plan to try new things, I plan on living life and embracing it.

But I’ve added something else to my list of things to do.

I am going to write again.

I am on a new blog (this one)– I have a new focus (health and fitness)– I want to be able to share my experiences with others.

My goal for blogging is simple. One or two posts a month. They will hopefully be shorter than this post…with some real life results from my adventures.

So to kick off March– I am starting an online accountability group with 4-6 members. Basically–it is a small group of people looking for motivation and daily encouragement to stay active and eat healthy for 31 days.  To my surprise, before March rolled around the corner, I have 4 participants!!   I am very excited for this group, but I do have room for 2 more to join-and would love a full house to start off the month!

Sometimes, all we need to reach our goals is a little motivation–and that is the point of this accountability group. I need just as much motivation as anyone else in the group and part of why I am reaching out.  Maybe you’ve been there before? Maybe you’d like to join us?

(If so– just email me below.)

The next update– I’ll let you know how things are going with my group Marching Forward!



Back At It!

Six months to the day that I tore my right medial calf muscle– I believe I am at the point where I can resume my workouts without re-injury.  I have tried every month since my injury to start over–but each time my calf muscle flared up and swelling and bruising returned, until January.

In January I made it almost 11 days without injury.  And it only took 2 days to heal, whereas in the past it took at least 2 weeks.

So for now, I’m throwing both feet in–and I believe I am ready. I have pounds to shed and I intend on shedding them.

Let the tranformation begin!

transformation tuesday post

If you answered Yes or I want more information in the poll above, contact me asap :)

TBT down in Tennessee!

On the General Jackson down in Nashville, enjoying a drink or two.

On the General Jackson down in Nashville, enjoying a drink or two.

I never thought a simple pulled muscle would turn into such an ordeal. 

But it wasn’t a “pulled muscle” it was a torn muscle.

And there is a huge difference!!

August 3rd was probably the biggest set back I’ve experienced in my journey to become the healthiest me I can be.  I literally went from exercising multiple times a day with various activities to lying flat on my back for almost 2 weeks and having pretty limited mobility the third week.  Talk about depressing.  And what does a gal like me do when she’s depressed?

She eats.  Well at least I do.

At first, it was all really healthy clean eating.  And if I had just stuck to that, I would have been fine.  But by the end of week 2 and beginning of week 3 I found myself venturing into forbidden territory.

And the scale caught up with me.  An extra 4lbs added to what I need to lose.  How depressing is that?  It is my own fault. I should have had better control.

However, it all changes today. I’m back to working out with Focus T-25 and I went all out.  I nailed the workout completely. With the sweat pouring off I can officially say I barely modified throughout and gave it 110%.


I’m also back to eating clean today too. I have my menu all planned out for the week. I’m so excited…I feel like a kid at Christmas!!

And you know what? The calf feels fine.  I’m so relieved.

Here’s to a great start to Monday!!

How was your weekend? 

What working out will you be doing this week? 

Pushing through Pain

pushing thru pain

photo source: google images

It’s Monday.  And I’m determined to be part of the wave of folks willing to end the trend of obesity.  That’s right…starting with myself, one pound at a time, one workout at a time, one day at a time.  It’s a commitment I’ve not only made to myself, but to my family and loved ones.

The goal has been–starting today, August 5, 2013–I would start on my second month of Insanity and start the Focus T-25 Challenge today.

Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t go as planned.  And a setback can be just as much “mental” as it can be physical.

I played in a softball tournament this past weekend. I injured my right calf near the end of the first game.  Since we won, we were scheduled to play a second game.  And for our team, we barely had enough girls for the first game, let alone enough players.  So I decided to tough it out.  Instead of playing outfield, I played catcher.

I must stop here and say, I hate the catcher position.  I always get hurt.  And yes, for our game second game on Saturday, the balls bounced up and hit me smack in the mouth. OUCH.  Okay–but I’m a big girl–and that was nothing compared to the throbbing pain in my right calf.

I played through that second game.  Hit the ball well–made it to first base–normally on a healthy leg it would have been an easy double.  But I made it safe to first, then we were allowed to let one of the other two ladies on the team come in and run for me.  Unfortunately, we played an excellent team who smoked our guns and we lost that game. I’m here to tell you that was a blessing because I could NOT have stuck it out for a third game that day.

I came home Saturday afternoon–and regretted that decision to play through the second game.  Don’t get me wrong–I’m glad I played because I don’t like to quit–but the pain in my right calf about sent me over the moon.  It was no better on Sunday and I had a headache all day long from the pain.  Ibuprofin, sports cream, Ice, Heat–nothing helped.

And I was worried.  Mentally it was getting me way down.  I had workout plans for Monday (today).  Let me tell you…worrying doesn’t get you anywhere. It is a stupid waste of energy and yet– I worried because I knew my pain level was up there and if Monday was a repeat of Sunday, working out was not going to happen.

I woke up this morning, pretty determined to at least try.  I knew immediately I could not even attempt Insanity.  It was fit test day and Max interval circuit and I knew the fit test would blow up my calf again.

So I did Focus T-25 Alpha Cardio (back to day one because of the Shaun T challenge).   I went with Tonya for the entire video…and even then had to modify some because of my calf.  Like I could not go up on my toes and lunges were totally out.  Instead I kept my feet flat and did more modified jumping jacks instead of lunges.  I took it super easy on my right side and I pushed through the pain. I focused a lot on getting the moves in exact form (except the toes part) and I focused on keeping my stomach tight.

And here’s the great thing about Shaun T’s Focus T-25— you can modify and still get a great workout!! I was sweating towards the end and my calf felt a bit better after getting some good blood flow towards that area.  And I was really surprised that my calf didn’t throb more afterwards…it really felt much better (still does).  If I could do this with a pulled calf muscle then I have hope I can continue on with this workout until it heals without causing more injury.  This is the beauty of T-25…even with limitations you can get it done!

Impressed?? HECK YES!  And I feel so much better–because mentally I’m over that fear and worry that my commitment to end the trend would have to be paused on the exercise front.

So this week–while I won’t be starting month 2 of Insanity, (I’m hoping to start a week from today), I am going to continue on with Focus T-25 and I’m going to follow through on my commitment to myself to eat clean.  I’ll be looking at my calorie and carb intake as I won’t need as many of either, since I won’t be doing Insanity. I’ll be drinking my Shakeology and taking it easy on my calf.

If I have learned anything today is that, if there is a will, there is definitely a way!!

I’m here to help if you want– just visit my FB page and send me a private message :)

And if you are interested in Focus T-25 then click on the image below!


What exercise program are you currently doing?

Have you thought about making a commitment to help end the trend of obesity?

A Fish Out of Water

Drink Water

To my friends, I may seem like a fish out of water.  Usually my readers are used to me chatting up a storm and sipping wine.  But those are the days of old, and I’ve moved on…my focus and my passion has changed. 

I’m living a healthier lifestyle now; exercising daily, eating clean, and yes, even drinking clean. My short term goal is to lose weight and get into the best shape of my life. 

I’m a dreamer.  But I am a driven dreamer who likes to make her dreams happen. Many friends have coined me as a ‘go-getter.”  That probably is a pretty accurate description of me.  When I set my mind to something—I go after it. 

So, here I am, in the midst of going after my short term goals. It is no secret I’ve lost 84 lbs. and 51 inches in 6 months. I set my mind to it—followed that up with a bit of discipline and a huge dose of effort on my part.  I plan to lose the last 46 lbs a little more slowly-hopefully by March of 2014.

My long term goal is to live a life with intention. Part of that “intention” is to encourage others when I can. I am an “encourager” by nature.  I have always encouraged others to aspire to their full potential and chase after their own dreams. 

My focus is on fitness now and living healthy. If I can be of support to anyone trying to reach their own fitness goals—I would love the opportunity. My support and encouragement is free.  All you have to do is visit my contact page and fill out that small form near the bottom. I am here for you if you ever decide you want some accountability and motivation!

So am I a fish out of water? No. I am just living out that which I am passionate about.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the water, but I am not a fish.

(Written as part of The Writers’ Post Thursday Blog Hop.  Our host this week was Adelia.  Please visit her blog by clicking here.)



My Five Reasons

My Five ReasonsMy five reasons for making the decision to eat clean, exercise, and lose weight.  They are the best five reasons any person could ask for.  They are part of my support team and have been my cheering crew from day one.  Without them–it just wouldn’t be the same. I am definitely blessed!

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