Drink Water

To my friends, I may seem like a fish out of water.  Usually my readers are used to me chatting up a storm and sipping wine.  But those are the days of old, and I’ve moved on…my focus and my passion has changed. 

I’m living a healthier lifestyle now; exercising daily, eating clean, and yes, even drinking clean. My short term goal is to lose weight and get into the best shape of my life. 

I’m a dreamer.  But I am a driven dreamer who likes to make her dreams happen. Many friends have coined me as a ‘go-getter.”  That probably is a pretty accurate description of me.  When I set my mind to something—I go after it. 

So, here I am, in the midst of going after my short term goals. It is no secret I’ve lost 84 lbs. and 51 inches in 6 months. I set my mind to it—followed that up with a bit of discipline and a huge dose of effort on my part.  I plan to lose the last 46 lbs a little more slowly-hopefully by March of 2014.

My long term goal is to live a life with intention. Part of that “intention” is to encourage others when I can. I am an “encourager” by nature.  I have always encouraged others to aspire to their full potential and chase after their own dreams. 

My focus is on fitness now and living healthy. If I can be of support to anyone trying to reach their own fitness goals—I would love the opportunity. My support and encouragement is free.  All you have to do is visit my contact page and fill out that small form near the bottom. I am here for you if you ever decide you want some accountability and motivation!

So am I a fish out of water? No. I am just living out that which I am passionate about.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the water, but I am not a fish.

(Written as part of The Writers’ Post Thursday Blog Hop.  Our host this week was Adelia.  Please visit her blog by clicking here.)